Dutch Blitz

Friday, August 11, 2006

Wow, what a journey!!!!!!

Well, things are far from over on our journey with cancer. This past week Greg had his first round of chemo. Dr.Jones found a small 4mm cancerous nodule on his liver and removed it when she did the right hemi-colectomy (hope I spelled that right) as well. Greg and I were just talking lastnight and can hardly beleive things have gone this far. We have had conversations at 32 years old that you sure wouldn't normally have. :( God isn't finished with us yet! Sometimes I wish He was though. :( I know God is good and He is in control and loves us dearly, but this is tough. His first round of chemo has pretty much just resulted in a heightened sensitivity to cold which is a wierd one, but true. Thankfully he has had a great appetite still and no nausea!!! Thank-you God!!! I don't know how I would get through this without the Lord that's for sure. He has been my strength through this so far for sure. I can actually still have a smile on my face, laugh, enjoy life and I'm not just a mess of tears and stress because of Him! God has given us both strength. We are so thankful for a wonderful doctor and his nurse. They are great! Again, God is good! Today we had a couple from the church we used to attend come and do gardening for us! It was so sweet of them!! We also have a mystery friend sending us money through another friend of ours. The day before Greg's chemo a friend from church brought by a whole meal for the night after Greg's chemo. Wow! We are so very blessed indeed!!!!!!! We are also so thankful for all those out there praying for us. We know there are many and we can feel that many prayers go up for us on a daily basis. I told Greg the other day that I had no clue when we got married that when I said in sickness and in health that it would include a journey like this. Wow! I certainly wouldn't change a thing. I love my husband dearly! He's wonderful!! Greg and I are blessed to have eachother and two wonderful kids!