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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wow what a Journey!!!

Hey Everyone!!

Well, our family has been on quite an adventure (if you wanna call it that) as of late. A few weeks ago my sweetheart was in such pain his face was looking a little ashen and so off we went to Bowmanville Hospital for Greg to have his appendix out. So, that was all done and then a couple weeks later Greg was off for his follow-up appointment after his surgery which we figured would be no big deal, but unfortunately it was quite a big deal. Greg had had a cancerous tumour in his appendix. :( That was a sad day when he came home to tell me that. I would have switched places with him in a second. Many tears were shed that day. It felt like we were living someone else's life. It always feels like these things just happen to other people. Not to us plain ordinary folk. What is God trying to do with us or accomplish through this. Hmmmmmm..... we don't know. Writing on the wall would be good right about now. We certainly had some dark moments. God certainly did carry us through those hard times though. It was certainly nothing of me that Greg and I coped so well through waiting for the oncologist appointment. We finally got to the oncologist, which felt like an eternity to come. He then told us that there would be no chemo right now! Yipee!!! It felt like time for a party or a good restful sleep. His catscan had come back clear and so did the blood work. I was so happy and releived to hear that. After that we went out for a nice breakfast and shared the good news with friends and family from our cell phone.

Well, that's all for now.


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