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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sometimes Worry

Well, today is Saturday and it is a gloomy one at that. It is very cloudy and has rained a little bit. Greg did some yard work this morning and I kinda watched him do that and the kids.Greg's parents bought us a nice maple tree for the front yard. It looks nice. It is starting to look like a nice front yard. I was kinda grumpy. Oops! Sorry honey! :) I really think the weather does affect my mood. Maggie is going over to play with Hannah for the afternoon, so she will have a nice time.

Sometimes I get a little worried still that Greg actually had cancer in his system. I hope it never comes back!! At least he's going to be checked every six months now, so that they can catch it quick if it does come back. I worry now that I may get cancer at some point too. It feels like it has hit so close to home now that why not me as well. Not that I want it for sure, but you never know. What a wretched disease!!!!!!!! Well, I'm thankful that the tumour he had removed from his appendix wasn't really big and that his catscan and blood work was all clear!!! I guess I just have to try to not dwell on it and be thankful for all the blessings God has given our family. Well, I should go and work on my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow since we are going for a barbecue tonight. Not a great night for a barbecue cause of the weather, but oh well! We will have fun anyway I'm sure.



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