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Friday, May 12, 2006

Out Shopping!!

Well, this morning I picked up Grandma Devitt and Greg's Mom and we went shopping at Zeller's with the kids. Maggie and Nolan got spoiled. It was fun! Maggie got a beautiful skirt,flip flops and a top and Nolan got shorts,t-shirt and socks. Nolan didn't really care for our shopping trip, but Maggie Grandma, Nanny and I had a great time! I like spending time with family. We all should do more of that. We take time and the people in our lives for granted sometimes.

Maggie, Nolan and I got party stuff for Nolan's birthday this morning too. We got Thomas the train stuff! We got him a trike for his birthday too and a Thomas t-shirt. I can hardly beleive he's going to be two already. Wow, time flies!! We are going to have a little party tomorrow night too for him. Nanny and Papa are coming and Jonathan,Joy-Lynn, Breanne, Leah and Rachael are coming for his party. It should be lotsa fun!!

Buh bye! :)


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