Dutch Blitz

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sometimes Worry

Well, today is Saturday and it is a gloomy one at that. It is very cloudy and has rained a little bit. Greg did some yard work this morning and I kinda watched him do that and the kids.Greg's parents bought us a nice maple tree for the front yard. It looks nice. It is starting to look like a nice front yard. I was kinda grumpy. Oops! Sorry honey! :) I really think the weather does affect my mood. Maggie is going over to play with Hannah for the afternoon, so she will have a nice time.

Sometimes I get a little worried still that Greg actually had cancer in his system. I hope it never comes back!! At least he's going to be checked every six months now, so that they can catch it quick if it does come back. I worry now that I may get cancer at some point too. It feels like it has hit so close to home now that why not me as well. Not that I want it for sure, but you never know. What a wretched disease!!!!!!!! Well, I'm thankful that the tumour he had removed from his appendix wasn't really big and that his catscan and blood work was all clear!!! I guess I just have to try to not dwell on it and be thankful for all the blessings God has given our family. Well, I should go and work on my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow since we are going for a barbecue tonight. Not a great night for a barbecue cause of the weather, but oh well! We will have fun anyway I'm sure.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Good Morning!

Well, my husband is off to drop our daughter at school for JK. She loves school and I'm glad. We had a nice breakfast together! This is a new thing we have started and I'm loving it. It is so nice to sit down in the morning together and have breakfast as a family. We don't take enough time with our families. We should stop and enjoy our children and our spouses company. Today we go to the surgical oncologist to see exactly what surgery she wants to do on my husband. He's a little nervous about the whole thing this morning. I don't blame him. I'm a little nervous myself and it's not me having to actually go through it. He's my husband and I love him and don't want him to have surgery again, but I know at the same time that it's for the best. It will be better to get some of those lymph nodes out and possibly a piece of his colon. I just don't like what we have heard about recovery time, but I know the Lord will take care of us through it all. Well, I should go tidy up after breakfast. My husband just walked in the door after dropping our daughter off.

Bye for now.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Going to friends for Supper!

It shall be lovely to dine out at friends and not to worry about doing anything. I love to not have to make a meal. I get very bored of cooking. I guess I should change up our menu a bit. It is so fun to get together with friends. My husband is going to get to talk to our friend's mother about her cancer experience. I'm sure it will be enlightening and interesting. It will be interesting to see how the Lord works and changes us through our situation. I want to be changed through this, that's for sure. I want to continue to become more like Christ. I want others to see Christ living in me and through me. I hope to be a good example to others around me and an encouragement to those around me too. We go to a surgical oncologist on Monday, so we will see what she has to say. It is so hard not to worry. It should be easy to just leave situations in the Lord's hands, since he created the universe, is in control of everything, loves us, blesses us beyond what words can express and sent His one and only son to die for us. But yet, we still hold on tight to so many situations instead of giving it over to our great, wonderful, all powerful, loving God. God has been so good to us! Thank you God!

Out Shopping!!

Well, this morning I picked up Grandma Devitt and Greg's Mom and we went shopping at Zeller's with the kids. Maggie and Nolan got spoiled. It was fun! Maggie got a beautiful skirt,flip flops and a top and Nolan got shorts,t-shirt and socks. Nolan didn't really care for our shopping trip, but Maggie Grandma, Nanny and I had a great time! I like spending time with family. We all should do more of that. We take time and the people in our lives for granted sometimes.

Maggie, Nolan and I got party stuff for Nolan's birthday this morning too. We got Thomas the train stuff! We got him a trike for his birthday too and a Thomas t-shirt. I can hardly beleive he's going to be two already. Wow, time flies!! We are going to have a little party tomorrow night too for him. Nanny and Papa are coming and Jonathan,Joy-Lynn, Breanne, Leah and Rachael are coming for his party. It should be lotsa fun!!

Buh bye! :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wow what a Journey!!!

Hey Everyone!!

Well, our family has been on quite an adventure (if you wanna call it that) as of late. A few weeks ago my sweetheart was in such pain his face was looking a little ashen and so off we went to Bowmanville Hospital for Greg to have his appendix out. So, that was all done and then a couple weeks later Greg was off for his follow-up appointment after his surgery which we figured would be no big deal, but unfortunately it was quite a big deal. Greg had had a cancerous tumour in his appendix. :( That was a sad day when he came home to tell me that. I would have switched places with him in a second. Many tears were shed that day. It felt like we were living someone else's life. It always feels like these things just happen to other people. Not to us plain ordinary folk. What is God trying to do with us or accomplish through this. Hmmmmmm..... we don't know. Writing on the wall would be good right about now. We certainly had some dark moments. God certainly did carry us through those hard times though. It was certainly nothing of me that Greg and I coped so well through waiting for the oncologist appointment. We finally got to the oncologist, which felt like an eternity to come. He then told us that there would be no chemo right now! Yipee!!! It felt like time for a party or a good restful sleep. His catscan had come back clear and so did the blood work. I was so happy and releived to hear that. After that we went out for a nice breakfast and shared the good news with friends and family from our cell phone.

Well, that's all for now.