Dutch Blitz

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Are You Listening?

I have realized that I don't really sit still at any point in my day and just listen to God. Life is so busy! I've been pondering lately what I should be involved in at my church this coming September. There are so many opportunities to be involved in. Some are more appealing than others, but I need to foremost keep in mind; What would God have me be involved in? I need to listen to that still small voice that wants to speak to me. A woman was talking at our women's meeting this morning about how there was a time in her life where she didn't even talk to God every day. Well, unfortunately I fit in that category. Sure I give thanks for my food out of habit. I just don't spend real quality time with God in prayer or reading His word. How am I going to know what to do in my life when I'm not seeking his will. I'm living not like a Christ Follower. I so want to sit down at the start of each day and commit it to Him! There needs to be a specific place and time set aside for me to spend with the creator of this magnificent world we live in. I need to set my compass in Christ's direction. Lord Reign in Me!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Rainy Days!

Oh how I hate rainy Mondays of all things! I know we need the rain for the trees, grass and flowers to grow, but it's so terribly gloomy! Oh well! I'm stuck inside with my munchkins. We are all just getting over colds, so it wasn't the greatest of all weekends.

We are moving in June, so we have lots of packing to do. Wow! I can't beleive we are actually moving. I hope my daughter adjusts to the big move okay. I have to keep thinking about that bit of excitement and try to forget about the rainy, yucky day outside. I'm excited about having this blog, but I'm not much of a writer, so I'm hoping to improve that.

catcha later!